Thank you Alex for an amazing, wild and unforgettable evening. I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something that seemed totally crazy. My memories will amuse me and delight me in my old age. It was my privilege to meet you and thank you for sharing part of your life with me even if only for a night. I wish you nothing but the best always. You are an amazing man. ~ Heather, 48, Brisbane

Alex has a unique ability to instantly form a connection with you and put you at ease. I felt like I’d known him closely for years after just 10 mins with him. I always feel completely safe, well respected and looked after in Alex’s company. He knows how a woman should be treated, and this transfers across to the bedroom. Alex is truly a man of class and distinction. ~ D.M, 45, Brisbane

You NEED this man. Alex is the consummate gentleman…until you want him to be something else.  Whatever you desire…he can arrange. Picnic on a beach?  Done. Dinner with a man who takes control and orders for you?  Done. But here’s what you really want to know…can he satisfy you?  Can he pleasure you the way you NEED to be?  The way you DESERVE to have a man make love to you?  The answer to that is yes, in a thousand different ways, yes. But more than that…he will make you laugh, he will make you think and he will remind you what it’s like to be desirable. I come from the USA, and he is my first call when making my travel arrangements. I hesitate to offer this review because I’m selfish and want him to myself. He knows these things about me and so much more. But here’s what you’ll care about…he will understand these things about you and tailor an experience that will far surpass any expectation you have. ~ AM, 42, Oklahoma City, USA

My wife and I were nervous about how to enter the “Swinging Scene” and did not want our first experience to discourage us if we had made a bad choice from a “rookie” mistake .

So rather than roll the dice with swinging sites, after many many discussions, we decided to enlist the services of an expert.

My wife has long had a fantasy about a gentleman having sex with her while I watched. Thankfully we came across Alex and we chatted for a few weeks with him to get the feeling we were on track with the correct decision.

We had clear defined boundaries surrounding what we both felt was important and Alex followed them perfectly. Considering our very nervous start, Alex made us both feel extremely comfortable and the evening exceeded all our expectations.

We now know what we should expect from our future experiences as Alex made this very first step exciting and extremely sensual .

Thanks Alex, we owe you for showing us “how“ and we can’t wait to explore on our own.

Richard and Tracey, Sunshine Coast