Why do women pay for an escort?
The reasons that women express for booking an escort vary greatly. There are many empowered women who expect quality in all other areas of their lives and are unwilling to compromise when it comes to their sex lives.

Some reflect on their disillusionment with online dating – finding men who are unreliable, self-absorbed, or otherwise disappointing; others are in a season of life where they are uninterested in a relationship and the drama that so often accompanies that, however crave the connection and intimacy of an evening with a man who respects them and is invested in their pleasure; and for some, it’s a re-entry to the world of intimacy after a difficult break-up, a sexless relationship, or some other incident that has left them wary of connecting with men.

What can I expect?
As a professional, with a reputation to uphold, you can feel confident that I will provide a safe, reliable, enjoyable experience for you, without you needing to feel concerned about meeting my needs (I’m here for you!), and without needing to navigate the ambiguity that so often accompanies casual sex (we’ll have a clear agreement, and discuss boundaries before we proceed). And let’s not underestimate the delight to be found in the company of someone who is confident pleasuring a woman.

Who covers added costs during our time together?
In order to treat you to the perfect date experience, I have included costs in my service prices. If we are spending an evening together (bookings four hours or longer), I will pick you up, pay for our meal, and treat you with the utmost kindness and respect at all times.

Can I chat to you before making a booking?
Absolutely. I’m available to chat via text/kik to give you a greater sense of who I am and whether you will feel comfortable in my company. I also offer a no-obligation meet for coffee or a glass of wine to help you ease any nerves you may have about investing in an evening with me. 

Why don’t you show your face online?
I only show my face in person in order to provide the utmost discretion for my clients. I want you to feel confident that any time we spend together won’t involve recognition from others.

What about my safety and confidentiality?
I take seriously the safety and confidentiality of all of my clients. I will always ensure that safe sex is practiced, and that no details surrounding our time together, including any of your personal details, are shared with anyone.

What type of payment do you accept?
I accept cash payment at the beginning of a booking.

Is it legal to see a male escort in Queensland?
It is legal for private sex workers to operate a business in Queensland. You can read more here.

Who do you provide services to?
I provide services to females only.