About Me

Well now that we’re both here, can I let you in on a little secret?

I believe that beauty begins with kind, soft eyes and a cute, but not so innocent smile. In fact, I find the most beautiful women are those who are confident in their own skin, unafraid to articulate their deepest desires and open to letting me explore them with a slow, gentle touch (or perhaps a firm, passionate one if that’s what’s desired).

I’m all about discovering what brings you the most pleasure, seeing beyond just what you say. I’m attentive to the way your eyes light up, your breath quickens and that slightly hidden grin flashes across your face.

And really, you’re here to find someone who is all about you, but so that I can help you decide whether I’m the man for you, let me tell you a little more about me…

As a business owner for the past 20 years – having had the opportunity to travel the world and meet all kinds of incredible people – I’m confident in my ability to quickly put you at ease in my company. I also recognize the importance of understanding my client’s needs and providing a quality service – something I have done in my main business for many years and now bring to my work as an escort.

As a Brisbane local, I know the discreet, hidden, culinary gems around town, and take great delight in creating quality experiences for women who engage my services.

Obviously running multiple businesses keeps me busy, but I balance that with a daily gym routine. I enjoy the gym and the discipline it takes to maintain a healthy body and mind. I’m a non smoker and have no vices in everyday life and appreciate waking up healthy and happy.

I find great joy in encouraging women to try new things, to let go, and truly enjoy the experience.

So that’s me, now all that’s left is for you to tell me all about you…